Reflexology & Hot Stones

Reflexology with opptional Hot Stones!HSR-120


Refexolgy is an ancient belief that your feet are a map of the body and using acupressure points applied to specific points of the feet and hands in order to promote deep relaxation it may re-balance the meridians and assist healing elsewhere in the body. The hot stones are used to increase the blood flow causing further toxin drainage on the system. They are also very soothing and deeply relaxing for the body.

I have trained to the highest attainable level for my Practitioners Diploma in Clinical Reflexology, achieving a SQF Level 8 Merit with The Complementary Therapy School (credit rated from Edinburgh Napier University). I have also trained in Suporting Conception & Maternity Specific Reflexology with Sally Earlam (AOR).

“Thank you Clare Young for a fabulous session … In peaceful therapy room.”
MM. Aberdeenshire

Reflexology with Hot Stones

What is Hot Stone Reflexology?

This is where hot stones are either incorporated into a reflexology treatment ; using large stones to warm and massage the legs and feet, and small stones to work reflex points and more specific areas. The treatment is extremely relaxing

Cool stones may also be used if there are any muscle injuries or inflammation such as varicose veins.